A short little physics based puzzle game where you exploit the blind love of test subjects to complete the levels.

Install instructions

To start the game extract the included zip  file and start LovishHerd.exe


LovishHerd.zip 23 MB

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Well that concept reminds me of a very old game, but I don't remember it's name anymore. There were tiny blue pixel people which have to dig through the level to get to the goal. So I really like this one and it fit's nicely to the theme.

But what I personally dislike are chromatic aberration and depth of field effects.

Well done! I think you are my personal best so far.


  1. If the people are very close to you, the angel character moves very sluggish. It feels weird.
  2. It seems that the counter in the first level counts the alive people not correctly.

Thank you for your feedback! I think the retro game you are thinking about is called Lemmings, that was somewhat an inspiration for the follow mechanic. I don't think I'll have a lot of time to work in it before the jam ends but I'll try my best to correct those bugs  :)


Haha, yes Lemmings was the game. Thank you for that. Now it tingles in my fingers to create a modern version of Lemmings xD

Yeah, do what you are capable of and dont overstrain yourself.